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There are millions of users who use vidmate. The huge number of users of vidmate indicate not just its popularity but also its functionality as an app. The app perform its functions quite well and the user do not have to wait for much long period of times for the download as is the case with some other apps. Vidmate is a short space covering app. The space taken by this app in the device is very less. It takes more space in personal computer because for downloading and installing it in personal computer the user first need to install BlueStacks a software which take much space in the device.

Vidmate is not available on Google play store but this app is available on 9Apps play store. Vidmate is in the listing of 9Apps. By using 9Apps the user can easily download this app in smartphone. If the user want to download it from the net then the user can also do this and can just simply a search the app in the browser and in the search results the user will find the page which will help in the download and installation of the app and from here the user can download and install the app.

Vidmate is an app which is used for the purpose of downloading videos from various websites such as YouTube. This app is very useful for people who want to download videos from internet. The download of videos from internet becomes necessary if the user want to watch a video again and again. Vidmate not only saves the time of the user but is also completely safe to download and it ensures that while downloading videos there is no kind of harm to the device. The downloading mechanism of vidmate is very fast and it downloads any kind of video even full length movies in minutes.

Download from 9apps

Vidmate apk can be downloaded from 9apps

Vidmate has a powerful download mechanism. This app is also completely safe to download in the device and is free from any kind of virus and malware. If the user use this appropriately then the user can download almost all type of videos from internet in any of the formats that the user like and can also convert videos into audios instantly. There are various type of video formats in vidmate and the user can choose any of these formats.